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This battle was won by the British redcoats when they forced American troops to surrender. It proved to the colonists they would need supplies and support from allies.
a) Bunker Hill
b) Cowpens
c) Charleston
d) Lexington and Concord

Which battle was the major turning point of the war? This battle was fought in New York. It was after this battle the French were convinced to help American colonists.
a) Saratoga
b) Yorktown
c) Cowpens
d) Bunker Hill

What was the final battle of the Revolutionary War? Here the French Navy helped blockade the harbor and force the British troops to surrender.
a) Yorktown
b) Saratoga
c) Lexington and Concord
d) Cowpens

Which battle was won by the British the second time they attacked this city? The British blockaded the harbor and cut off supplies
a) Charleston
b) Yorktown
c) Lexington and Concord
d) Bunker Hill

Which battle was won by the Americans after they tricked the British into thinking they had retreated? This is a small town in South Carolina.
a) Cowpens
b) Charleston
c) Saratoga
d) Yorktown

Who was named Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army?
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) John Adams
d) Benjamin Franklin

What is the main purpose of the Declaration of Independence?
a) To announce the colonies were free from Britain
b) To declare war on France
c) To free slaves in the northern colonies
d) To give freedom of religion to the colonists

According to the Declaration of Independence, what are three rights given to all people?
a) Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
b) Voting, owning land, and speech
c) Religion, speech, and press
d) Religion, happiness, and wealth

How did the British government react to the Boston Tea Party?
a) They passed laws to punish the colonists.
b) They stopped taxing the colonists.
c) They put men in jail who participated.
d) They lowered the tax on tea.

Who did the British Parliament feel was responsible for paying for the French and Indian War?
a) The colonists
b) The French
c) The Native Americans
d) The British

This is the first battle of the Revolutionary War. It was nicknamed as the SHOT HEARD 'ROUND THE WORLD.
a) Lexington and Concord
b) Charleston
c) Cowpens
d) Yorktown

What nation helped the Americans after the Battle of Saratoga?
a) France
b) Germany
c) Portugal
d) Britain

How did the construction of Fort Moultrie impact the American Revolution in Charleston?
a) The fort was built of palmetto logs which were resilient against cannon fire.
b) The fort was easily invaded by the British.
c) The fort was very large so a lot of soliders coudl stay inside.
d) The fort was lived in by the British.

Which of the following is NOT part of the Declaration of Independence?
a) All men are created equal...
b) ... they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights....
c) ... it is the right of the people to alter or abolish the government....
d) .... the King has the right to tax as he sees fit...

Which document officially ended the Revolutionary War?
a) Treaty of Paris
b) Common Sense
c) Constitution of United States
d) Declaration of Independence

What was one promise given to African slaves who fought in the American Revolutionary War?
a) Some slaves were promised their freedom if they fought in the war.
b) Some slaves were promised money if they fought in the war.
c) Some slaves were promised to be president if they fought in the war.
d) Some slaves were promised to be given land if they fought in the war.

What impact did the cotton gin have on slaves?
a) Slave labor increased.
b) Slave labor decreased.
c) Slave labor moved north.
d) Slave labor stopped.

After the Revolutionary War, Americans started moving across the Appalachian Mountains. How did this affect the Native Americans living in this area?
a) They were pushed off the land and forced to move west.
b) They were bought land and set up new homes with the colonists.
c) They received money for helping the colonists win the war.
d) They got jobs and worked cooperatively with the settlers.

Which was NOT part of the Intolerable Acts?
a) Raising taxes on tea
b) Closing of Boston Harbor
c) Putting Thomas Gage in charge of Massachusetts
d) Forcing colonists to house (quarter) British soldiers

Which was NOT a role of women during the Revolutionary War?
a) Vote for specific policies in Congress
b) Run farms or work family businesses
c) Travel with their husbands to cook for and nurse soldiers
d) Step into battle if the need arose

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