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The setting of the story contains the...
a) time, place, and characters
b) time and place
c) time, place, duration
d) place only

The protagonist is the ____________________ character in a story
a) Secondary
b) Good
c) Best
d) Main

The antagonist is the character that _____________________ the protagonist.
a) hates
b) loves
c) wants to be
d) opposes

Plot is the...
a) series of events in a story
b) characters in a story
c) setting in a story
d) theme of a story

The exposition is the...
a) the end of the story, where the conflict is resolved
b) beginning of the story that introduces the general situation, characters, and setting
c) best part of the story
d) when the conflict begins

The initiating event is...
a) the point of highest tension
b) when the conflict is resolved
c) when the main conflict is introduced
d) the series of events in a story

What is the conflict in a story?
a) The characters
b) Imagery
c) Usually sad
d) The main problem or struggle

What does conflict do in a story?
a) drives the plot
b) drives the exposition
c) drives the resolution
d) drives the characters

What do rising actions do?
a) Introduce the conflict
b) Help resolve the conflict
c) Help characters talk to each other
d) Build tension in a story

The climax is the ______________ in a story
a) most exciting part of the story
b) turning point of the main conflict
c) conflict
d) protagonist winning

The resolution is at the end of the story and is the new reality after the conflict ends.
a) True
b) False

What is the point of view in a story?
a) How an author feels about a story
b) How you feel about a story
c) The view/perspective from which a story is told
d) Why a story happens

True or false: the theme should contain specific elements of the plot.
a) True
b) False

The theme is the ____________________ or ___________________ of a story
a) characters or setting
b) message or moral
c) plot or symbol
d) characters or point of view

A symbol is usually an object that...
a) only has one meaning
b) is always in a story
c) represents something deeper than itself (example: red rose symbolizes love)
d) a character holds in a story

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