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Which colonies sold tobacco as a cash crop?
a) Southern Colonies
b) Middle Colonies
c) New England Colonies
d) Spanish Colonies

What was the Columbian Exchange?
a) The exchange between Eastern and Western Hemispheres
b) The journey of bringing Africans as slaves to the colonies
c) The route that explorers took to reach the West Indies
d) The trading of crops between the North American colonies

Which of the following was NOT cash crop of the Southern colonies?
a) Wheat
b) Tobacco
c) Cotton
d) Indigo

Why were the Middle Colonies known as the breadbasket colonies?
a) They grew and shipped wheat to other colonies.
b) They baked bread to send to other colonies.
c) They made baskets for bread to send to other colonies.
d) They created a new type of wheat that no one had ever heard of

Which is a difference between indentured servants and slaves?
a) Indentured servants were granted freedom after a certain amount of time; slaves continued to work for no pay
b) Indentured servants worked for rich land owners; slaves worked for poor land owners
c) Freedom was granted to indenture servants and slaves after five years of work
d) Slaves' journey to the new world was paid for in exchange for work; indentured servants' had to pay for their journey

Within the Triangular Trade Route, African slaves were shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to the colonies. This journey was unpleasant because the Africans were not allowed to eat, move, or use the bathroom. What was this part of the journey called?
a) Middle Passage
b) Great Migration
c) Columbian Exchange
d) Northwest Passage

What is an indentured servant?
a) A person who works for a certain amount of time then becomes free
b) A plantation owner
c) A ship captain on the Triangular Trade
d) An artisan or apprentice

Which of the following describes the New England colonies?
a) Thick woods, waters rich in fish and whales, known for ship building
b) So much wheat it was known as the breadbasket of the colonies
c) Warm climate, fertile soil good for farming
d) Long, wide rivers for transporting goods

How did Africans contribute to the development of the English colonies?
a) Sharing their agricultural experiences in growing rice and a variety of other skills
b) Learning to read and write
c) Dancing
d) Making drums

Negative effects of the Columbian Exchange included:
a) Spread of diseases
b) Terrible traveling conditions for Africans
c) Slaves being sold at auctions
d) Indentured servants not surviving the trips to North America

Which colonies settled in modern-day Florida and southwestern parts of North America? Their explorations were motivated by the search for gold.
a) Spanish Colonies
b) Middle Colonies
c) New England Colonies
d) French Colonies

Which colonies were eventually forced out by the English in the areas of New Jersey and New York?
a) Dutch Colonies
b) Spanish Colonies
c) French Colonies
d) Middle Colonies

Which colonies settled in Quebec (Canada) and traded furs with the Native Americans?
a) French colonies
b) Spanish Colonies
c) English Colonies
d) Dutch Colonies

Which colony exported rice, tobacco, and indigo?
a) Southern Colonies
b) Middle Colonies
c) New England Colonies
d) Spanish Colonies

Which colony had thick, rocky soil and a cold climate? This region exported lumber to build ships.
a) New England Colonies
b) Middle Colonies
c) Southern Colonies
d) Spanish Colonies

All colonies were ruled by whom?
a) Their mother country
b) The president
c) The legislative branch
d) The executive branch

What was the first permanent English settlement in North America?
a) Jamestown, Virginia
b) Charleston, South Carolina
c) Richmond, Virginia
d) Washington, DC

Who did the English use as slaves before indentured servants and Africans?
a) Native Americans
b) Other colonists
c) They did the work themselves
d) Europeans

What happened to Africans once they were unloaded off the ship on their journey to North America?
a) They were sold at auctions
b) They were given food, bath, and a place to stay
c) They were given time to look for a house to purchase
d) They chose the master they wanted to work for

Which war was fought over the lush, fertile land of the Ohio River Valley?
a) French and Indian War
b) Revolutionary War
c) Civil War
d) Cold War

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