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How are ecosystems in the deep sea different from ecosystems in shallow ocean water?
a) deep sea ecosystems usually have warmer water
b) algae are more common in deep sea ecosystem
c) water pressure is lower in deep sea ecosystems
d) no sunlight reaches deep sea ecosystems

Which of these is the best example of an interaction between a biotic factor and an abiotic factor in an ecosystem?
a) sunlight warms a rock
b) an elephant uproots a tree
c) a bird feeds its young
d) a wolf drinks from a stream

Where would you most likely find a salt marsh?
a) at the edge of an estuary
b) beside a large lake
c) near a grassland
d) on the ocean floor

Which of these is an example of an abiotic factor in a forest ecosystem?
a) sunlight
b) squirrel
c) moss
d) tree

What do all of the populations in an area make up?
a) an ecosystem
b) a habitat
c) a community
d) a niche

Many microorganisms live in soil. What do all the microorganisms of the same species living in an area's soil make up?
a) an ecosystem
b) a population
c) a community
d) a habitat

Which is these is the most complete description of an ecosystem's parts?
a) all rocks, soil, and air in an area
b) all the sources of water in an area
c) all the plants and animals living in an area
d) all the living and nonliving things in an area

How are plant cells different from animal cells?
a) plant cells have fewer parts
b) plant cells have chloroplasts
c) plant cells have cell membranes
d) plant cells have more cytoplasm

What is the function of a vacuole?
a) it surrounds a cell and holds it together
b) it contains the cell's nucleus
c) it gathers sunlight for photosynthesis
d) it stores food, water, and other materials

What is the smallest living part of a living thing?
a) cell
b) nucleus
c) nutrient
d) vacuole

Through what part of a cell do materials enter and waste products leave?
a) nucleus
b) cytoplasm
c) cell membrane
d) chloroplast

Which ecosystem is most likely to have fertile soil for growing crops?
a) salt marsh
b) estuary
c) grassland
d) pond

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