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What event began the Civil War?
a) Battle of Manassas
b) Fort Sumter
c) Battle of Vicksburg
d) Election of Abraham Lincoln

What was the first major battle of the Civil War?
a) Vicksburg
b) Saratoga
c) Gettysburg
d) Manassas (Bull Run)

What document changed the focus of the war from states' rights to ending slavery?
a) Emancipation Proclamation
b) Treaty of Paris
c) Gettysburg Address
d) Monroe Doctrine

Which battle gave the Union control of the Mississippi River and divided the South?
a) Manassas (Bull Run)
b) Gettysburg
c) Vicksburg
d) Lexington and Concord

What happened at Appomattox Courthouse in 1865?
a) Grant captured the Ohio river
b) Lee surrendered to Grant
c) Grant surrendered to Lee
d) Abraham Lincoln met with Jefferson Davis

In which battle did the North repel Lee's invasion, marking the turning point in the Civil War?
a) Battle of Saratoga
b) Battle of Vicksburg
c) Battle of Gettysburg
d) Fort Sumter

Which three ports did the Union blockade?
a) New Orleans, New York, Savannah
b) Savannah, Charleston, New Orleans
c) Atlanta, Baltimore, Richmond
d) Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia

What was the Union capital during the Civil War?
a) Washington, D.C.
b) Richmond, VA
c) Philadelphia, PA
d) New York, NY

What was the Confederate capital during the Civil War?
a) Washington, D.C.
b) Richmond, VA
c) Philadelphia, PA
d) New York, NY

Battles like Gettysburg where the high ground became important to capture were influenced by what?
a) Ammunition
b) Troop numbers
c) Climate
d) Topography

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