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The rising sun on the FFA Emblem represents:
a) Progress
b) Knowledge
c) Hard Work
d) Unity

SAE represents which component of the agricultural education program?
a) Career Development Events
b) Supervised Agricultural Experience
c) Land Judging Events
d) Senior Adult Extension

Bullying, damaged reputation, and stalking are dangers most often associated with which websites?
a) Government Operated
b) Educational
c) School
d) Social Networking

Communication and decision making skills are characteristics of which part of the FFA Mission Statement?
a) Premier Leadership
b) Career Success
c) Personal Health
d) Pledge

Related to safety policies and procedures in the learning environment, what do the letters PPE represent?
a) Public Phone Equipment
b) Push pull equipment
c) Personal protective equipment
d) paint pattern equipment

The cross section of corn on the FFA Emblem represents:
a) Unity
b) Progress
c) Knowledge
d) Freedom

Thinking about the person and what they are trying to say is practicing:
a) Written communication
b) Avoiding someone
c) Reflection
d) Active Listening

What is a component of the FFA Mission Statement?
a) Academic Achievement
b) Social Interaction
c) Premier Leadership
d) Public Speaking

An occupation or profession that usually requiring special training and may be considered lifework for an individual is a:
a) Career
b) Job
c) Hobby
d) Wage

Which career is in the Agribusiness Systems Pathway?Which career is in the Agribusiness Systems Pathway?
a) Agricultural Loan Officer
b) Artificial Insemination Technologist
c) Botanist
d) Welder

Which career is in the Power, Structural and Technical Systems Pathway?
a) Agricultural Economist
b) Agricultural Engineer
c) Veterinarian
d) Food Scientist

A specific task done as part of a routine or that could be a part of employment either part‐time or full‐time is a:
a) Career
b) Job
c) Salary
d) Wage

The term World Population refers to:
a) total number of humans living on the planet
b) people born in the same year
c) people living in developed countries
d) total number of people born or dead since records began

What percentage of the average U.S. disposable income is spent on food?
a) 0.25
b) 0.2
c) 0.1
d) 0.05

Which career is in the Animal Systems Pathway?
a) Parts Manager
b) Geographer
c) Veterinarian
d) Botanist

Which career is in the Environmental Service Systems Pathway?
a) Food Scientist
b) Diesel Mechanic
c) Water Quality Manager
d) Plant Breeder

Which career is in the Food Processing and Products Systems Pathway?
a) Diesel Mechanic
b) Meat Processor
c) Botanist
d) Farm Manager

Which career is in the Plant Systems Pathway?
a) Greenhouse Manager
b) Meat Processor
c) Livestock Producer
d) Agricultural Loan Officer

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