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Which explorer was the first to sail all the way around the world? He died before the journey was complete, but was still given credit for the accomplishment.
a) Ferdinand Magellan
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Henry Hudson
d) John Cabot

Which explorer sailed for Spain looking for a faster route to Spice Islands? He did not reach his goal of getting to the Far East, but he did discover the West Indies and wealth.
a) Christopher Columbus
b) Leif Erickson
c) John Cabot
d) Henry Hudson

What was the main motivation for European nations sent explorers out into the world?
a) The hope of gaining money and power
b) The desire to learn about new cultures
c) The need to find more people to help with farming
d) To find new inventions to improve life

Why did Leif Erickson not get credit for his discovery of North America?
a) He did not have good relationships with Europeans and did not communicate the discovery with them.
b) He did not realize he had found the New World.
c) He did not have a written language to communicate with them.
d) He did not have a ship capable of returning to Europe to share the news.

Why was Leif Erickson important to early explorers?
a) He was the first to find America (even though he isn't given credit for it).
b) He was the first to find China (even though he wasn't given credit for it).
c) He was the first to find a water route to Asia.
d) He was the first to prove the world was round.

Which best describes the feelings explorers had towards Native Americans living in the New World?
a) The explorers did not treat the native people fairly.
b) The explorers tried to pay the native people for their land.
c) The explorers tried to fit in and get along with the native people.
d) The explorers worked with the native people to build a new and better society.

What was the name given to the smaller, faster ship with triangular sails that could sail into the wind?
a) Caravel
b) Astrolabe
c) Compass
d) Cartography

What is cartography?
a) Silver and gold
b) Map making skills
c) A small, fast ship used to sail around the world
d) A tool used to measure the heigh of the sun above the horizon

Which tool is used by explorers to measure the height of the sun above the horizon?
a) Atrolabe
b) Telescope
c) Compass
d) Caravel

Why did European countries seek out a water route to Asia?
a) To see whose ship was the fastest
b) To cut out the middle man in the trade of spices from Spice Island
c) To find unknown lands
d) To prove the world was flat

Which explorer was a Spanish conquistador who explored the southeastern United States and claimed land in Florida for Spain?
a) Hernando De Soto
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Henry Hudson
d) John Cabot

This explorer sailed for England and was looking for the Northwest Passage. He tried to replicate Columbus' route. He sailed near the Arctic Circle, but had no success.
a) John Cabot
b) Henry Hudson
c) Christopher Columbus
d) Leif Erickson

This explorer sailed for both the Netherlands and England. He claimed and mapped land in what is now New York and Canada. There are two major land forms named after him today: Hudson Bay and Hudson River.
a) Henry Hudson
b) Christopher Columbus
c) John Cabot
d) Hernando De Soto

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