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____ used to be the ninth month before July and August were add to the calendar; now it's the 11th month.
a) November
b) October
c) December
d) January

If you add one more side to an octagon, you will have a _____.
a) nonagon
b) decagon
c) polygon
d) hexagon

A _____ has passed and we couldn't believe we were already having our ten-year reunion.
a) decade
b) century
c) year
d) millennium

The cellphone measured about one _____ long.
a) decimeter
b) centimeter
c) meter
d) millimeter

_____ numbers are less than one whole, but like whole numbers they follow the same base-ten pattern.
a) decimal
b) decimeter
c) decameter
d) decade

The church, built in 1906, was more than a ____ old.
a) century
b) decade
c) millennium
d) year

Twenty _____ of the students signed up for art class.
a) percent
b) century
c) decimal
d) decades

If it's 34 degrees _____, then it's about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
a) centigrade
b) Celcius
c) below
d) thermometer

He was chosen to be a ______ because of his size, strength, and sword skills.
a) centurion
b) astronaut
c) captain
d) police officer

One inch is equal to about two and a half ______.
a) centimeters
b) millimeters
c) decimeters
d) kilometers

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