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colored lights in the sky created by the interaction of Earth's magnetic field and charged particles in the solar wind
a) Milky Way galaxy
b) rainbow
c) Northern lights
d) aurora

in the United States, it changes from positive to negative to positive 60 times each second
a) electromagnet
b) alternating current
c) direct current
d) indirect current

Magnetic fields are produced by _______________ charges.
a) vibrating
b) moving and stationary
c) moving
d) stationary

The magnetic field around a current carrying wire will cause it be _____________ or ________________ by a magnet.
a) started, pushed back
b) pushed, pulled
c) started, stopped
d) pushed, stopped

What is the device that uses a magnetic field to turn ________________ energy into _______________ energy.
a) motor,electrical, kinetic
b) kinetic, electrical
c) electrical, thermal
d) thermal, electrical

When charged particles reach the poles, they __________________ atoms in the atmosphere. These collisions release energy in the form of light called ________________.
a) create, auroras
b) break up, Northern Lights
c) collapse, lightning
d) collide with, thunder

What is the electrical device that converts ________________ energy to _____________ energy.
a) motor, electrical, kinetic
b) motor, thermal, kinetic
c) motor, electrical, thermal
d) motor, thermal, electrical

The Earth's _________________ deflects most of these charged particles away from us as does the ozone layer.
a) magnetic field
b) magnetic domain
c) atmosphere
d) magnetosphere

The sun emits ______________ particles that stream though the solar system like an enormous electric current.
a) uncharged
b) broken
c) charged
d) negative

a current-carrying wire wrapped around an iron core
a) electromagnet
b) alternating current
c) direct current
d) indirect current

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