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How is a delta made?
a) sediments are buried
b) wind deposits sand
c) flowing water
d) sediments are deposited at the mouth of a river

What does a glacier cause?
a) Valley
b) canyon
c) sand dune
d) delta

which of the following is not alternative energy?
a) biofuel
b) coal
c) geothermal
d) hydroelectric

what is heat within the earth's core?
a) solar
b) hydroelectric
c) geothermal
d) biofuel

which of the following is not a fossil fuel
a) coal
b) petroleum
c) oil
d) solar

which of the following is not a conductor?
a) copper
b) rubber
c) metal
d) steel

what does not rely on another source for energy?
a) producer
b) decomposer
c) consumer

what is not something you must you have for oil and natural gas to form
a) organic matter
b) millions of years
c) heat and pressure
d) sand

what is energy from moving water?
a) hydroelectric
b) geothermal
c) biofuel
d) solar

If you have a water sample that is 43 degrees, how much does it need to rise to reach boiling point?
a) 43 degrees
b) 57 degrees
c) 37 degrees
d) 55 degrees

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