Lesson 27 AMERICA BECOMES A WORLD POWER 2 Question Preview (ID: 31310)

WWI.[print questions]

What did some of the Allied leaders want?
a) A fair and just peace.
b) A plan for the future.
c) More than just peace.

How did the treaty punish Germany?
a) They had to apologize to every Allied country.
b) They had to rebuild all the war torn countries.
c) They had to disband armed forces, give up colonies, surrender territory, and pay retributions.

What did Germany expect from the 14 points?
a) A fair and just peace.
b) A debate over the new boundaries.
c) A stronger American nation.

What did Germany do to avoid an invasion of their country?
a) They reinforced their front line with soldiers and tanks from the east.
b) They developed new rapid fire machine guns.
c) They agreed to an armistice or ceasefire.

What happened when the Americans arrived in France?
a) They were able to push the Germans back.
b) The powerful German forces quickly overtook them and pushed them back.
c) The French surrendered immediately.

How did the US get the necessary men for the war?
a) Congress asked for volunteers (ages 18 - 45).
b) Congress offered huge salaries to those who enlisted.
c) Congress authorized a national draft (ages 18 - 45).

What was the reason President WIlson gave Congress for going to war?
a) “The Archduke and his wife were our allies.”
b) “We can’t be left out of this conflict.”
c) “The world must be made safe for democracy.”

What was the land called between the trenches?
a) The neutral zone.
b) No Man's Land
c) The Graveyard

Why did Germany sink the British luxury liner the Lusitania, sailing from NY?
a) They suspected it was carrying weapons to the Allies.
b) They were trying to get into a war with America.
c) They didn’t know any better.

What did the German and French armies do when neither side was able to advance in France?
a) They dug long narrow ditches, trenches, to protect their soldiers.
b) They quit fighting.
c) They continued to try to advance, losing thousands of men.

Who headed the Allied Powers?
a) Austria-Hungary and Germany
b) Britain, Russia, and France
c) The US

Who headed the Central Powers?
a) Austria-Hungary and Germany
b) Britain, Russia, and France
c) The US

How did the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife lead the the Great War?
a) Germany was looking for a reason to fight the world.
b) The alliances that countries had led them into war to aid their allies.
c) The Archduke and his wife were so important that everyone was ready to fight.

What did the Senate do with the treaty of Versailles?
a) They accepted it.
b) They rejected it.
c) They changed it.

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