Lesson 27 AMERICA BECOMES A WORLD POWER 1 Question Preview (ID: 31308)

Expansionism/Imperialism (Philippines).[print questions]

What was Teddy Roosevelt’s personal motto?
a) “I am in for the long haul.”
b) “Don’t mess with Texas.”
c) “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

Why did Roosevelt want to build the Panama Canal?
a) To prove his power as a leader.
b) To create jobs for Americans.
c) To move ships quickly from coast to coast.

How did Vice-President Teddy Roosevelt describe America?
a) “The young giant of the West.”
b) “A bull in a china shop.”
c) “A small but mighty insect.”

What did America set up after winning the revolt in the Philippines?
a) A plan to keep the Filipino people dependent on the US.
b) A nonmilitary government to prepare them for independence.
c) A defensive wall around the island to keep invaders out.

What effect did the treaty with Spain have on the Filipino people?
a) They were thrilled and ready to celebrate with the Americans.
b) They were sad that the Spanish were gone and missed their protection.
c) They felt betrayed and began to fight the Americans for their independence.

What did the US get in the treaty with Spain?
a) They bought the Philippines for $20 million.
b) They confiscated the Spanish weapons.
c) They took the Spanish leaders hostage.

What did the Filipinos believe the Americans do for them?
a) Allow them to join the US.
b) Give them their independence.
c) Fight the Russians for them.

Why did Teddy Roosevelt order offensive operations in the Philippines if war broke out with Spain?
a) The Philippines provided Spain’s main base in the Pacific.
b) The Filipino people were ready to defend Spain.
c) He wanted to try to distract Spain.

What was the effect of the Rough Riders capturing San Juan Hill?
a) The Spaniards were able to escape.
b) They had control of the harbor city of Santiago.
c) The war continued for several years.

Who was blamed for the sinking of the Maine even though there was no evidence?
a) France
b) Mexico
c) Spain

What was the effect of the sinking of the Maine?
a) Americans demanded war and quickly joined the army.
b) Cubans demanded war and quickly joined the army.
c) Spaniards demanded war and quickly joined the army.

Why did President McKinley send the battleship Maine to Havana?
a) To begin offensive strategies against Spain.
b) To help Americans in Cuba in case of trouble.
c) To help the Spaniards in Cuba.

How did American Expansionists support their claim to annex Cuba and Puerto Rico?
a) They said it was time to enforce the Constitution.
b) They said it was time to enforce the Articles of the Confederation.
c) They said it was time to enforce the Monroe Doctrine.

What did the American sugar planters in Hawaii pressure the Hawaiians to do?
a) Let the US sell sugar.
b) Let the US establish a Naval base at Pearl Harbor.
c) Let the Hawaiians work for free.

How did the US Finally make things right with Columbia?
a) In 1921 Congress apologized.
b) In 2000 they returned the canal zone to Panama.
c) In 1921 we gave them $25 million.

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