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How did mill owners attempt to combat economic competition and increase their profit?
a) They used methods like the speed-up where workers were asked to work multiple machines
b) They used the stretch-out where workers were used to run a larger number of machines
c) They hired more workers to increase the mills productivity
d) They paid workers more money to provide an incentive to work harder

What improvements did mill owners make to living conditions in the villages?
a) They added electricity and running water
b) They built better housing
c) They built better schools
d) They allowed mill workers to put more on credit at the mill village store

Why did international competition also increase during this period?
a) More foreign companies entered the market in the U.S.
b) Foreign companies were producing a better product
c) Tariffs that had protected domestic textile were reduced
d) Tariffs that protected domestic textiles were eliminated

Which of the following was not an outcome for farmers dispossessed from the land?
a) They became sharecroppers or tenant farmers
b) Some went west to join the Pony Express
c) They left to seek factory jobs in the North
d) Some moved to mill towns to find work in textiles

By the 1920s, which crop was no longer grown in the Lowcountry?
a) tobacco
b) indigo
c) cotton
d) rice

Why was it difficult for farmers to make payments on their loans?
a) Banks foreclosed on delinquent mortgages
b) Farms were taken by the state for unpaid taxes
c) They made investments in the stock market
d) Plunging prices for increasingly lower crop yields

In some years, the boll weevil was so destructive it destroyed what amount of crops?
a) one-third
b) one-fourth
c) one-fifth
d) one-half

How were SC farmers affected when Europeans were able to resume feeding their own populations after the war?
a) There was no change in their circumstances
b) Demand for their crops plunged along with prices
c) They found other countries to share their products with
d) They lost only a small portion of Europe's business

Why did the U.S. export food during the war years?
a) To avoid destruction by the boll weevil
b) To earn more money to fight the war
c) To feed their troops and war-torn Europe
d) To increase exposure for their products

How did SC benefit from helping the U.S. meet wartime needs?
a) The state experienced a brief period of prosperity
b) There was an increase in the state's popularity
c) The population grew
d) There was a decline in production

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