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Where did bomber pilots train for the air attack on Tokyo?
a) Columbia, South Carolina
b) Jackson, Mississippi
c) Charleston, South Carolina
d) Atlanta, Georgia

How were military camps in SC used during WWII?
a) They were used as transition stations for troops going overseas
b) They served as training bases for thousands of men
c) They were hoe to planes that were used in the war
d) They were used as Japanese interment camps

What Congressional plan offered support to allies in their fight against the Germans?
a) Land Loan Plan
b) Allied Support Plan
c) Lend Lease Plan
d) Mobilization Plan

How did the SC and U.S. economy begin to climb out of the Great Depression?
a) Increased income from overseas sales
b) Agriculture began to blossom in anticipation of feeding troops
c) Government spending on war preparations
d) States banded together to make sure their economies were balanced

Which U.S. state is home to the Tuskegee Institute at whose air base the Tuskegee Airmen trained for WWII?
a) Alabama
b) South Carolina
c) Georgia
d) Louisiana

What key assignment was given to the Tuskegee Airmen?
a) They were assigned to bomb key sites in Japan
b) They were assigned to accompany Air Force One
c) They were assigned to escort heavy bombers on raids against strategic enemy camps
d) They were not allowed to participate in strategic battles

What led to the desegregation of the military following WWII?
a) A Congressional order
b) A Presidential proclamation
c) The elimination of segregation in the civilian sector (communities)
d) The bravery and sacrifice of African American service members

What made it difficult for many men from SC to serve in the armed forces?
a) They were illiterate and in poor health
b) They were too old
c) They were sole providers for their family and unable to serve
d) They were too poor to serve

What did the conditions that prevented many SC men from serving in the war reveal about the state?
a) That they were unwilling to serve
b) That they did not have the resources to help during the war
c) That their wealth exempted them from service
d) That there was a lot of poverty in the state

Which of the following was not a way that the general population helped the war effort?
a) They used ration books to get shares of food and fuel
b) They sold war bonds to fund the war effort
c) They collected scrap metal and rubber
d) They grew victory gardens

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