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Which of the following was not a post-stock market crash effect in SC?
a) More banks failed
b) Some textile mills closed their doors
c) More farmers lost their land
d) A new railroad company opened for business

Which of the following was not a political position held by James F Byrnes?
a) Secretary of Defense
b) U.S. Senator
c) Supreme Court Justice
d) Governor of South Carolina

What did FDR promise the American people as he campaigned for President?
a) A fresh start
b) A chicken in every pot
c) A new deal
d) Things wouldn't get worse

Which African-American educator and civil rights leader was a member of FDR's Black Cabinet?
a) Modjeska Monteith Simkins
b) Mary McLeod Bethune
c) Septima Poinsette Clark
d) Rosa Parks

Which New Deal program put young men to work in the nations' parks?
a) National Recovery Act
b) Public Works Administration
c) Works Progress Administration
d) Civilian Conservation Corps

Which New Deal program was designed as a reform of the system to prevent future depressions?
a) Santee Cooper Project
b) Social Security Act
c) National Recovery Act
d) Rural Electrification Act

Which New Deal program had the most impact in SC?
a) Works Progress Administration
b) Social Security Act
c) Santee Cooper Project
d) Civilian Conservation Corps

Although dispossessed land owners were offered meager compensation for their land, what did others gain by participating in cooperatives from the Rural Electrification Act?
a) 40% of their farms gained electricity
b) They were able to put in milking machines and water pumps
c) They were relocated and given land
d) A percentage of the profits from the company

Which SC city was home to a violent police reaction to a textile mill strike in 1934?
a) Aiken
b) Denmark
c) Bamberg
d) Honea Path

What ended the Great Depression?
a) New Deal programs
b) An influx of funds from new technology and industry
c) World War II
d) World War I

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