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An underground rock formation that contains water
a) Ground water
b) Surface Water
c) Watershed
d) Aquifer

Introduction of inorganic plant nutrients into a body of water
a) Water Shed
b) Polution
c) Recharge Zone
d) Artificail Europhication

Accumulation of larger and larger amounts of toxins within tissues of organisms at each succesive trophic level
a) Thermal Pollution
b) Bioaccumulation
c) Water Shed
d) Water Pollution

Process in which salt is removed from water
a) Desalinization
b) Evaporation
c) Aquifer
d) Pollution

Water that seeps down through the soil and is stored underground
a) Surface Water
b) Ground Water
c) Aquifer
d) Thermal Pollution

Pollution discharged from a single source
a) Point Pollution
b) Thermal Pollution
c) Water Pollution
d) Recharge Zone

Area on earth where ground water orginates
a) Wilderness
b) Acid Shock
c) Smog
d) Recharge Zone

Fresh water found above ground in lakes
a) Surface Water
b) Pool
c) Lake
d) Underground Water

Entire area of land that drains into a river
a) Smog
b) Evaporation
c) Watershed
d) Pollution

Introduction of foreign substances into water that degrade it's quality
a) Thermal Pollution
b) Water Pollution
c) Nonpoint Pollution
d) Point Pollution

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