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What happened to the cotton industry in South Carolina during World War I?
a) The cotton industry suffered greatly because of the war
b) The cotton industry boomed to supply war-torn Europe
c) The cotton industry wasn't impacted by the war because Europeans did not have a need for cotton.
d) The boll weevil destroyed cotton crops in South Carolina during the war.

The collapse of agriculture due to crop destruction, low prices, and mortgage foreclosures led to ___________________.
a) A mass exodus by white South Carolinians from the state.
b) An increase in migration from the northern U.S. to the southern U.S.
c) An increase in demand for agricultural goods.
d) A mass exodus by white and black South Carolinians from the state to look for jobs elsewhere.

Which of the following describes another way that the state played a major role in the war effort?
a) South Carolina used the facilities at its many colleges to experiment with new technology needed to win the war.
b) South Carolina used its industrial centers to produce the majority of the nation's military vehicles.
c) South Carolina gave huge sums of money to the federal government to purchase better weapons.
d) South Carolina donated and sold land to the federal government for the construction of military bases.

Upon returning from World War I, black soldiers were still subject to racially motivated attacks that were known as:
a) Race baiting
b) anarchism
c) lynching
d) racial rebellions

Which military camp, established during World War I, is the primary Army training facility on the East Coast today?
a) Camp Dawson
b) Camp Jackson
c) Camp Sevier
d) Camp Wadsworth

What document intercepted by the British negatively impacted American opinion against Germans?
a) Brandenburg note
b) Zimmerman note
c) Guttenberg note
d) Handelman note

Which SC town changed its name to North Augusta due to anti-German sentiment?
a) Bamberg
b) Denmark
c) Hamburg
d) Aiken

What name was applied to the series of violent attacks against African Americans across the nation in 1919?
a) Red Summer of Hate
b) Black Plague
c) Jim Crow
d) Anti-African American Summer

What effect did the America's trading partnership and Britains' blockade of German ports have on American trade?
a) It was severely limited.
b) It was stopped.
c) It was improved.
d) It had no effect.

What phrase by President Wilson is associated with the U.S. entry into WWI?
a) I have just begun to fight!
b) Where do we begin?
c) Let's go get them!
d) Make the world safe for democracy.

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