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This movement tried to convince people to avoid alcoholic beverages.
a) temperance
b) populist
c) Jim Crow
d) progressive

Which of the following best describes the United States approach to World War I when it first began?
a) actively involved
b) instigators
c) neutrality
d) pacifism

What helped to provide power to South Carolina during the 1920s?
a) Lake Murray Dam
b) The Cooper River
c) The Santee-Cooper Electrical Company
d) SCE and G

What economic practice in the 1920s was credited with being responsible for people buying more?
a) Cash and carry
b) Installment plans
c) credit cards
d) revolving credit

How did mass media affect South Carolina?
a) There was no effect.
b) People went out and bought televisions.
c) It provided entertainment and news to those who could afford it.
d) It was attacked as immoral by the KKK.

The period when many South Carolinians like Julia Peterkin achieved national fame for their work was referred to as:
a) The Progressive Era
b) The Southern Literary Renaissance
c) The Bourbon Years
d) Reconstruction

The cultural renaissance caused by the Great Migration to the North by African-Americans was referred to as:
a) The Southern Literary Renaissance
b) The Black Power Movement
c) The Harlem Renaissance
d) The Civil Rights Era

Which of the following best describes the KKK of the 1920s?
a) Many southern governments banned the organization
b) Membership was opened to Catholics
c) They began supporting equality for African Americans
d) Catholics, bootleggers and immigrants became new targets

Although prosperous during the war years, South Carolina’s economy soon began to weaken. What was the main reason for this decline?
a) Increases in taxes by greedy politician
b) Protests by workers shut down many mills
c) Overproduction in the agricultural and textile industries
d) Lack of workers to keep up with rising demand

Which of the following best describes an improvement to the daily lives of South Carolina citizens during the early 20th century?
a) Segregation of whites and African Americans ended
b) Electricity and running water became more readily available
c) Televisions kept people more informed of current events
d) The minimum wage was increased above the national average

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