8th Grade American History Final Exam Review 2 Question Preview (ID: 31297)

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Which phrase best describes the main idea found in Thomas Pain's pamphlet Common Sense?
a) We the people of the United States
b) No taxation without representation
c) All men are created equal
d) The shot heard round the world

Imagine that you are a patriot living in Boston in the 1770's. Which of the following would upset you the most?
a) The Boston Tea Party
b) The appointment of George Washington as general of the colonial army.
c) The Sugar Act
d) The drafting of the Declaration of Independance

This amendment gave former slaves the right to vote.
a) 16
b) 15
c) 10
d) 13

Which of the following statements would a member of Alexander Hamilton's political party most likely agree with?
a) The US should form a strong alliance with France
b) The powers of the Federal Government should be limited more
c) The government has powers implied but not directly mentioned in the Constitution (strong federal government/loose)
d) Individual states should be in charge of banking

From the British perspective, what was the major purpose of the Stamp Act?
a) To prevent further conflict between colonists and Native Americans
b) Britain needed tax revenue to pay war debts form the French and Indian war
c) Made it easier for the British to make money off of Colonial exports
d) To limit the import of expensive printed materials into the colonies

What was the significance of the Land Ordinance of 1785?
a) It outlined a process by which a territory could become a state
b) It repealed the Constitutional Act of 1787
c) It made slavery legal in the Northwest Territory
d) It gave the Native Americans control over the Northwest Territory

This amendment outlawed slavery in the US
a) 13
b) 10
c) 4
d) 16

How did the invention of the Cotton Gin impact the southern institution of slavery?
a) Slavery drastically decreased because less slaves were needed to harvest cotton
b) Slavery increased because of a higher demand for more cotton to be made faster.
c) Slavery pretty much stayed the same, it had no effect.
d) Slavery was no longer needed after the invention.

Which term describes the theory that colonies exist solely to increase the wealth of the home country?
a) Mercantilism
b) Imperialism
c) Nativism
d) Nationalism

The vocabulary term used to describe the movement to free southern slaves.
a) Industrial Revolution
b) Abolitionism
c) Social Reform
d) Urbanization

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