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How did the US acquire the current states of UT, NM, and AZ?
a) We bought them from France
b) We won them from Mexico in war
c) They were given to us as a gift from Spain
d) We bought them from England

The 1st amendment to the constitution protects freedoms of religion, speech,and press. Which of the following would be a violation of your 1st amendment right?
a) Searching your house without a warrant
b) Requiring all Americans to attend Church on Sundays
c) Denying citizenship to immigrants from Mexico
d) Denying women the right to vote

Which statement describes one way that industrialization changed settlement patterns in the US
a) People moved from urban areas to rural areas
b) People moved from rural areas to urban areas to find work in factories
c) More people began to make their own living by farming
d) People began to move freely from one region to another

Which statement does NOT describe a part of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
a) Each state would be able to decide if it was free or slave
b) A man with 50 acres of land could vote
c) After the number of free adult men reached 60,000 the territory could become a state
d) When a territory's population reached 5,000 free adult men it could elect a legislature

Which president was responsible for the Indian Removal Act?
a) Andrew Jackson
b) George Washington
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) James Madison

Why did many people travel west to CA in the mid 1800's?
a) Gold was discovered there
b) To live closer to the ocean
c) For good farm land
d) The east was too crowded

The compromise of 1850 created regional differences in the US based on which characteristics?
a) Free or slave
b) Republican or Democrat
c) East or west
d) North or south

Which of the following is a secondary source you could use to research the War of 1812?
a) Your history book
b) A fictional novel about a sailor that fought in the war
c) The text of President Madison's war message to congress
d) A copy of the treaty that ended the war

The vocabulary term used to describe a shift in people living in rural (country) areas to living in urban (city areas is...
a) Urbanization
b) Social Reform
c) Industrial Revolution
d) Abolitionism

Why were rivers vital to the survival of pioneers who settled in the OH valley?
a) River water was needed to irrigate crops
b) River water gave pioneers a way to ship their goods to market
c) Logs for building homes were floated down the river to towns
d) River water provided power for mills and factories

Which person is most likely to have this viewpoint? Britain came to the defense of the colonies during the war with France. It is only right that the colonies be taxed in order to pay back the cost of the war.
a) A loyalist living in the colonies
b) A member of the sons of liberty
c) A patriot living in the colonies
d) A Native American

Which of the following defend the enlighten principal of natural rights?
a) ...All men are created equal
b) No taxation without representation
c) I regret that I only have one life to lose for my country
d) We the people

This invention drastically improved the way people in the 1800's communicated with each other.
a) Cotton Gin
b) Steam Powered textile mills
c) Mechanical Reaper
d) Telegraph

In the late 1600's and early 1700's which of the following formed a physical barrier to westward expansion?
a) The Mississippi River
b) The Great Lakes
c) The Rocky Mountains
d) The Appalachian Mountains

What was the VA company's main purpose for funding a settlement in Jamestown?
a) To profit economically from trade and discovery
b) To provide religious freedom
c) To establish a base for western settlements
d) To establish good relations with Native Americans

Which event demonstrates the principal of Manifest Destiny?
a) President Jefferson bought the LA territory from France
b) Spain closed the port of New Orleans
c) The US gave up its claim to FL
d) Britain controlled parts of the OR territory

Why did some leaders feel that the Articles of Confederation needed to be revised or replaced?
a) The Articles did not address the issue of slavery
b) The Articles did not give the central government enough power
c) The Articles did not give each state equal representation in congress
d) The Articles did not allow states to collect taxes

You are writing a report on the Civil War. Which of the following could you use as a primary source?
a) Your history book
b) A tv show about the civil war
c) A biography of President Grant
d) A battlefield photo taken in 1862

I was a slave that sued for my freedom after living in a free state.
a) Dred Scott
b) Fredrick Douglas
c) Henry Clay
d) Stephen Douglas

Making the laws of a country would be a responsibility of which branch of government?
a) Executive
b) Judicial
c) Legislative
d) Presidential

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