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Which President told Europe that they are no longer welcome to establish colonies in the Western Hemisphere?
a) James Monroe
b) James MAdison
c) George Washington
d) Andrew Jackson

What President gave the Gettysburg Address and issued the Emancipation Proclamation?
a) Andrew Jaclson
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) James Madison
d) John Adams

What President passed the Alien and Sedition Acts which made it harder to become a citizen of the U.S.?
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) John Adams
d) James Monroe

Which President passed the Indian Removal Act which force the Cherokee Indians off their lands?
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) John Adams
c) James Monroe
d) Andrew Jackson

Which President declared war on England because of the impressment of U.S. sailors?
a) James Madison
b) John Adams
c) Alexander Hamilton
d) Abraham Lincoln

Which President warned about the evils of political parties and wanted the U.S. to stay neutral in foreign affairs?
a) Andrew Jackson
b) George Washington
c) John Adams
d) Thomas Jefferson

Which President purchased Louisiana from France to double the size of the U.S.?
a) George Washington
b) James Madison
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) James Monroe

The Common Man supported this President because he removed property qualifications for voting.
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) James Monroe
d) Andrew Jackson

Put the first 5 presidents in the correct order.
a) Washington - Adams - Jefferson - Madison - Monroe
b) Washington - Adams - Jackson - Monroe - Lincoln
c) Jefferson - Adams - Madison - Jackson - Lincoln
d) Adams - Washington - Monroe - Jackson - Lincoln

Who was the leader of the Federalist Party who could never be president because of where he was born?
a) Alexander Hamilton
b) Henry Clay
c) George W. Bush
d) Patrick Henry

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