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The primary message the author wants you to understand is _______.
a) Summarizing
b) Main Idea
c) Inference
d) Supporting Details

Based on the information given, this is the conclusion you can draw......
a) Supporting Details
b) Main Idea
c) Inference
d) Summarizing

These are statements, descriptions, and facts that support the main idea.
a) Supporting Details
b) Inferences
c) Summaries
d) Context Clues

This is a preference for, or dislike of, something or someone.
a) Inference
b) Propaganda
c) Bias
d) Summary

This is information put forth, sometimes to a wide audience, to persuade readers of a view.
a) Bias
b) Propaganda
c) Supporting Details
d) Inference

This is a shortened version of a longer work, including the main idea and most important details.
a) Summary
b) Supporting Details
c) Propaganda
d) Bias

This type of text organization first describes an event and then its outcome or aftermath.
a) Bias
b) Problem and Solution
c) Sequence
d) Cause and Effect

This is the order in which things are arranged, actions are carried out, or events happen.
a) Cause and Effect
b) Sequence
c) Problem and Solution
d) Propaganda

An argument the author wants to advance through his/her writing is a ______.
a) Summary
b) Supporting Detail
c) Thesis
d) Problem and Solution

This explains what a paragraph is about.
a) Supporting Details
b) Topic Sentence
c) Inference
d) Bias

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