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Khalia had a cup of ice with a mass of 1,000 kg. After the ice melted, which is most likely the mass of the cup of water?
a) 250 kg
b) 500kg
c) 1,000 kg

A teacher places a penny into an amount of acid in a closed container to demonstrate a chemical change. The penny weighs 3 grams and the acid 230 grams. After the chemical reaction takes place, what will be the mass of the penny and acid?
a) 3 grams
b) 200 grams
c) 230 grams
d) 233

The mass of a grape drink mixture is 150 grams. Kathy boils the mixture and notices that 50 grams of water has evaporated. Which will most likely be the result.
a) 50 g
b) 100 g
c) 200 g
d) 150

A jeweler melts gold to make jewelry. As the gold melts, the mass
a) Increases
b) decreases
c) is destroyed
d) stays the same

Amanda melted a 4-oz chocolate bar in a pot with a lid. What is most likely true about the weight of the melted chocolate?
a) it weighs more than 4oz
b) it weighs less than 4oz
c) it weighs exactly 4oz

Jasmine bought a 525 gram bag of unfrozen popsicles. WHich best describes the mass after they were frozen?
a) 325 g
b) 425 g
c) 525 g

Vanessa weighs her banana with the peel and it weighs 145 g. She weighs the banana again after she removes the peel and it weighs 123 g. About how much does the peel weigh?
a) 14 g
b) 18 g
c) 22g

MIke dissolves some sugar in water and pours 10 oz of the mixture into a jar with a lid to create rock candy. Which is most likely the weight of the mixture after it crystallizes into rock candy?
a) 0oz
b) 5oz
c) 10oz
d) 12oz

A group of students weighed a sealed jar full of heavy cream. THen they shook the jar until the cream separated, and then they weighed the jar again. WHich describes the weight?
a) gained weight
b) lost weight
c) remained the same weight

AN ice cube melts and then evaporates. THe ice cube and the water vapor have the same ______
a) mass
b) density
c) volume
d) temperature

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