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_______________________ is a Cuban American who moved to America when she was a child and has sold millions of albums.
a) Jennifer Lopez
b) Gloria Estefan
c) Linda Brown
d) Beyonce

The Fiesta of Five Flags is located in ________________.
a) Pensacola
b) Orlando
c) Miami
d) Jacksonville

It took ____________ years for integration to happen in Florida.
a) few
b) several
c) 700
d) 9

The World of Nations amusement park is located in ______________.
a) Orlando
b) Jacksonville
c) Pensacola
d) Miami

Two African American women helped integrate Tallahassee’s bus system by ___________ to ride the bus.
a) rescheduling
b) allowing
c) accecpting
d) refusing

Theme parks have affected Florida’s economy by ________________the amount of hotels, restaurants, and banks in the areas.
a) increasing
b) decreasing

When people visit attractions in Florida, such as the Kennedy Space Center, this brings money into Florida by spending __________ money in Florida businesses.
a) less
b) more

The Supreme Court ruled that students of all races had the right to go to the same school after ____________________ brought a case upon them.
a) Linda Brown
b) Gloria Istavan
c) Jacksonville
d) Pensacola

Florida’s mild climate and warm temperatures are what attract _________________.
a) African Americans
b) Immigrants
c) Tourists
d) Snow Birds

Florida needed scientists and engineers for the _______________ industry.
a) Water
b) Tourism
c) Space
d) Education

According to your textbook, being prevented to vote was just one way that _____________________ were discriminated against.
a) Women
b) African Americans
c) Immigrants
d) White Men

People visit Everglades National Park to enjoy this _________________ and scuba dive and snorkel.
a) Preserve
b) Natural Wonder
c) Swamp
d) Ecosystem

A ____________ is land set aside to protect the landforms, plants, and animals living in it.
a) Natural Park
b) Preserve
c) City
d) Country

A point of land that sticks out in the ocean is called a __________.
a) Cape
b) Peninsula
c) Island
d) Strait

A boycott is the ___________to buy and do something
a) Acceptance
b) Refusal
c) Contract
d) Custom

A __________is the way a group of people does something.
a) Preserve
b) Tourist
c) Custom
d) Culture

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