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What is the main reason some countries have been more successful in treating AIDS/HIV?
a) Stable governments allow them to educate people and buy medicine
b) The United Nations has provided enough help to fix the problem
c) Desertification makes the environment too hot for AIDS
d) They put people with AIDS/HIV in a special prison hospital

This country has low GDP despite having access to oil for many years
a) Nigeria
b) Kenya
c) South Africa
d) Sudan

A focus on investing capital goods for the production of one product is a type of what?
a) Exchange Rate
b) Currency
c) Human Capital
d) Specialization

How do wars affect famine and AIDS/HIV prevention?
a) They make it hard to distribute food and medicine
b) The governments spend money on military and not on food and medicine
c) The wars scare away the doctors and farmers
d) Wars actually help prevent famine and AIDS/HIV

What country has power shared between a President and a Prime Minister?
a) South Africa
b) Kenya
c) Nigeria
d) Sudan

Why is it bad for an economy to depend on just one product?
a) Because that country's people will want other products
b) Because it will make that country too busy, because everyone will want that product
c) If that product becomes less valuable, it hurts that country's economy
d) It's not bad, it actually helps the economy to depend on just one product

Why is an exchange rate important?
a) It protects a country's economy by increasing prices on foreign goods
b) It allows trade between countries to happen
c) It improves the quality of a country's workers
d) It increases GDP

What is one way that wars/conflicts lead to famine?
a) The war polutes the water for the crops
b) Governments take over the farms
c) The war disrupts farming
d) All of the farmers die in a war

What type of economic system does South Africa have?
a) Command
b) Traditional
c) Autocracy
d) Market

This country has the strongest/largest economy in Africa.
a) Nigeria
b) South Africa
c) Kenya
d) Sudan

What type of trade barrier raises the price on imported goods?
a) Quota
b) Embargo
c) Tariff
d) Currency

Why do boys have more opportunities for education in parts of Africa than girls do?
a) Girls don't want to go to school
b) Girls are expected to prepare to get married
c) Boys are smarter than girls
d) Girls are smarter than boys

What country became independent in 2011?
a) Sudan
b) South Sudan
c) South Africa
d) Kenya

This branch of government passes laws in a democracy
a) Judicial
b) Legislative
c) Executive
d) Parliamentary

What is South Africa's main economic problem?
a) Few natural resources
b) No trade partners
c) High unemployment
d) Poor quality products

How are the profits from diamonds being used in many African countries?
a) To pay for medicine
b) To pay for wars
c) To pay for education
d) To pay for a new Bugatti

What is the difference between how a President and a Prime Minister get elected?
a) People directly vote for the President, while the legislature usually chooses the Prime Minister
b) The people directly vote for the Prime Minister, while a President is appointed
c) A President is elected, but a Prime Minister is not
d) A Prime Minister is elected, but a President is not

If you invest in the training, education, and healthcare of the workers, you are investing in what?
a) Capital goods
b) Human capital
c) Exchange rate
d) Suffrage

Why did Nigeria previously have more of a command economy than they do now?
a) They were communist
b) They were controlled by the North Koreans
c) They were under a military dictatorship
d) The citizens chose a command economy for their country

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