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Who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin?
a) Harriet Beecher Stowe
b) Henry Clay
c) John C. Calhoun
d) William Lloyd Garrison

How did Frederick Douglas and Sojourner Truth help the abolitionist movement?
a) gave speeches about the evils of slavery
b) fought against slavery in court
c) wrote Uncle Tom's cabin
d) they didn't try to help

Who believed in state's rights and that slavery was a good thing?
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Henry Clay
c) John Brown
d) John C. Calhoun

What invention encouraged plantation owners to raise large crops of cotton which were grown and harvested with slave labor?
a) factory system
b) slave trade
c) cotton gin
d) wagon

Who invented the cotton gin?
a) Henry Clay
b) Eli Whitney
c) Frederick Douglas
d) William Lloyd Garrison

What was essential to the agricultural economy of the South?
a) tobacco
b) industry
c) long winters
d) slavery

Lincoln ran on the policy of no more slavery in the West, but allowed slavery in the _____?
a) North
b) East
c) South
d) Slavery was not allowed anywhere

John Brown planned to raid the arsenal at _______?
a) Harper's Ferry, Virginia
b) Frederick, Maryland
c) Richmond, Virginia
d) Topeka, Kansas

John Brown was counting on whom to help him when he raided the arsenal?
a) abolitionists
b) escaped slaves
c) his daughters
d) God

Lincoln personally hated slavery, but felt it was more important in 1860 to do what?
a) free the slaves
b) split up the country
c) keep the Union together
d) do nothing

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