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Where do local hyperlinks go to?
a) a different area within the same page
b) another file on your web site or local system
c) a seperate file / web site on the Internet that is not part of your Web Site
d) they do not go anywhere they establish a name for links to come to

Which of the following is not an HTML5 requirement?
a) All tags must have a closing tag
b) All images must have an alt attribute
c) All attribute values must be enclosed in quotaiton marks
d) All tags should be written in uppercase

To make a bulleted list which is used?
a) ol
b) ul
c) li
d) list

If your mouse is resting over a link but not clicking on it what state is the link in?
a) visited
b) hover
c) active
d) link

Which of the following would include another entry in a list either ol or ul?
a) new
b) value
c) li
d) item

A strategic plan to increase your site's ranking with search engines?
a) Markup
b) Blogging
c) Validation
d) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is the largest heading
a) h1
b) h6
c) header
d) heading

A hyperlink can be
a) an image
b) a phrase
c) a single character
d) any of these

which of the following tags do we use to insert a line across our web page?
a) line
b) ruler
c) hr
d) br

Which of these describes a mobile web site?
a) It must be downloaded from a repository like the App store
b) It is platform independent
c) It must be written specifically for the user's platform
d) It is a stand-alone application

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