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What are the two major sections of a web page?
a) head and body
b) title and body
c) neck and foot
d) top and bottom

All the web pages we created had one of two extensions '.htm' was one what was the other?
a) .abc
b) .web
c) .xyz
d) .html

What organization sets the standards for programming on the Web?
a) K2
b) W3C
c) CSS
d) HTM

Which is not a major e-commerce business model?
a) B2B
b) C2B
c) B2C
d) C2C

Which of the following is not part of the 'skeleton'?
a) html
b) title
c) h1
d) body

Checking that hyperlinks are still active is what stage of the Web Development project cycle?
a) Publishing
b) Management/Maintenance
c) Development
d) Planning

Which of of the following image formats should not be used on a Web Page?
a) PNG
b) GIF
c) JPG
d) BMP

Which of the following is used for Interactivity?
b) CSS
c) JavaScript
d) GUI

What term is used when one tag is opened and closed inside of another tag?
a) Nested
b) Equalized
c) Mixed
d) Contained

What site is recommended for HTML code validation?
a) http://code.org
b) http://isthiscorrect.org
c) http://jigsaw.com
d) http://validator.w3.org

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