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What has helped the world stay connected in world trade, culture, and ideas the most in the 21st century?
a) telephone
b) Cars
c) The internet
d) TV

Increase in prices over a period of time
a) Profit motive
b) Profit
c) Investment
d) Inflation

A good measure of the wealth of a country
a) Gross Domestic Product
b) HEI
c) form of currency
d) profit motive

Having access to products from all over the world is an example of __________________
a) immigration
b) HEI
c) globalization
d) free trade

What is the 1st admendment that gives individuals the right to speak freely and protest
a) freedom of speech
b) freedom of religion
c) right to bear arms
d) freedom of the press

Plowing fields, building houses and air pollution from factories are all examples of ______________
a) geography
b) GDP
c) Culture
d) HEI

Form of government where the leader has complete control and rules by force with the help of an army
a) democracy
b) dictatorship
c) constitutional monarchy
d) republic

Form of government where citizens are get a say and are given rights
a) dictatorship
b) monarchary
c) democracy
d) oligarchy

Form of government in the United Kingdom
a) Constitutional Monarchy
b) Republic
c) Dicatorship
d) Consitutional Democracy

Putting money into something in hopes of gaining a profit
a) profit motive
b) investment
c) inflation
d) profit

An example of a legal duty
a) donating to Goodwill
b) volunteering at a homeless shelter
c) voting
d) Serving jury duty when you receive a summons

When a government does not have complete control and is usually limited in its power by th constitution
a) limited government
b) unlimited government
c) dictatorship
d) Consitutional Democracy

Basic rights of those not in the majority
a) majority rights
b) legal duty
c) minority rights
d) civiv rights

Understanding your job and being effective at your job is an example of what?
a) productivity
b) profit motive
c) good investment
d) processing

The money earned after all expenses are met
a) productivity
b) inflation
c) investment
d) profit

Type of government the United States has
a) Absolute Monarachy
b) Consitutional Monarchy
c) Represntative Democracy
d) Direct Democracy

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