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What is the main purpose of a political party?
a) to raise campaign funds
b) to control government by winning elections
c) to ask the government to make changes
d) to come up with new ways of organizing government

What is a reason that the two major political parties do not have a strong central structure?
a) federalism
b) poor leadership skills
c) the Constitution
d) international influences

What is one way minor parties affect American politics?
a) They get voters to vote for major party candidates.
b) They get the attention of newspapers, television, and radio.
c) They win state and local elections.
d) They influence the outcome of elections.

What is generally considered success for minor parties?
a) They become major parties.
b) They are able to elect their candidates to national offices.
c) Their ideas are adopted by one of the major parties.
d) They are more willing to compromise.

A new party is formed whose main concern is the environment. What kind of party would this be?
a) an ideological party
b) an economic protest party
c) a single-issue party
d) a splinter party

What important change did Andrew Jackson’s administration bring?
a) expansion of the Republican Party
b) revival of the Federalist Party
c) voting rights for almost all white males
d) the end of the spoils system

What is the best name for the era of American government since 1968?
a) an era of divided government
b) an era of Democrats
c) an era of Republicans
d) an era of third parties

What helped a two-party political system to develop?
a) A two-party system was encouraged by the Constitution.
b) The battle over the Constitution gave rise to two political parties.
c) George Washington preferred two parties over many parties.
d) A two-party system was required by law in most states.

Which is true about the multiparty system?
a) It tends to make a more stable government than a two-party system.
b) It tends to push parties into forming a coalition government.
c) It is commonly found in countries run by a dictator.
d) It has broad support among voters in the United States.

Which is a reason the United States has a two-party system?
a) because it is required by the Constitution
b) because the Framers designed a two-party system
c) because the major parties cannot form a coalition
d) because of single-member district elections

Which is a person part of when he or she volunteers to help with a presidential campaign?
a) the party in the electorate
b) the party in government
c) the party organization
d) the party platform

What is the purpose of a platform committee?
a) nominating candidates
b) developing policy statements
c) governing the nation
d) acting as a watchdog

Why do Democrats and Republicans take similar stands on many issues?
a) because of the way the two-party system got started
b) because there are so few cultures in the United States
c) because the American people share many ideals and beliefs
d) because of the lack of minor parties in American politics

Why are many Americans familiar with a form of the one-party system?
a) One party has dominated national politics in recent years.
b) In many states, one of the two major parties has held power for a long time.
c) In many states, only one party is allowed to exist.
d) The two major parties are so similar that they can be considered as one party.

About what main issue did the Federalists and Anti-Federalists disagree?
a) how strong the central government should be
b) whether or not to replace the Articles of Confederation
c) whether or not political parties should be allowed to exist
d) how the President and members of Congress should be elected

In general, when has control of the government switched from one party to another?
a) whenever a new party became popular
b) during an economic or political crisis
c) when a President has died in office
d) when new ideas split the party in power

What role does the President play in the organization of his or her party?
a) The President directs the work of the party’s headquarters in Washington.
b) The President and his staff organize the national convention for his or her party.
c) The President’s leadership generally makes his or her party more organized than the other major party.
d) Other national party leaders make the President’s role unimportant.

What is an important purpose of a major party’s national convention?
a) to select the party’s candidates for Congress
b) to determine policy stands for all party candidates
c) to select the party’s presidential and vice-presidential candidates
d) to draw attention away from the opposing party’s activities

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