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The story the Pit and the Pendulum
a) First-person view of the prisoner
b) Omniscient view of the author
c) Third-person view of the inquisitor

At the end of the Pit and the Pendulum
a) the narrator is saved from the pit by a French general
b) the narrator plunges to his death in the pit
c) the inquisitor releases him

In the selection, the Raven, the narrator first thinks the noise is
a) the wind blowing the door open
b) his cat
c) someone at the door

Why does Poe use a Raven to perch on the bust of the Greek goddes Pallas?
a) Ravens were sacred to the Greeks
b) The speaker associates Pallas with his dead love, Lenore
c) This association suggests that the Raven is wise

The speaker's reaction to the Raven at first was...
a) fear
b) amusement
c) revulsion

When the Raven says, Nevermore, the narrator first thinks it is the
a) the bird's name
b) a message from Lenore
c) a prophecy

The narrator asks the Raven two more questions at the end of the poem to which the bird answers,
a) What will happen after death
b) Lenore's love for the speaker
c) the success of the speaker's literary works

Readers can infer from the poem's conclusion that the speaker will-
a) die soon
b) never escape his despair
c) be reunited with Lenore

The speaker can best be described as a
a) poet seeking inspiration for new work
b) lonely,elderly man longing for visitors
c) melancholy person trying to forget a great tragedy

From detail in The Tide Rises the Tide Falls
a) drowns
b) dies
c) disappears

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