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What percentage of the concrete's volume is taken up by the aggregates?
a) 50% to 60%
b) 65% to 75%
c) 40% to 50%
d) 75% to 85%

How long does it take for concrete to reach its greatest strength?
a) several days
b) several years
c) several weeks
d) several months

What is the best water-to-cement ratio to use to make concrete?
a) .5 to 1 or 1 to 2
b) 3 to 1
c) .75 to 1
d) .25 to 1

What happens to concrete if the aggregates are not clean?
a) makes it stronger
b) not as strong
c) makes it smoother
d) makes it rougher

What is the most common name and type of cement?
a) Pittsburg
b) Pratt and Lambert
c) Portland
d) Philadelphia

If the weather conditions are hot and dry when you are pouring and curing concrete, what does it do to it?
a) drys it out, wicks the moisture out of it
b) makes it moist
c) makes it lumpy
d) makes it coarser

What is the difference between cement and concrete?
a) cement is the pre-made wet mix and concrete is what it is called when it cured
b) cement is another name for concrete
c) cement is the finished product and concrete is the ingredient or gray powder
d) cement is the the ingredient or gray powder in concrete and concrete is the finished poroduct

Identify the appropriate pieces of safety gear to be worn when pouring or mixing concrete.?
a) dustmask, safety glasses, sneakers, waterproof gloves
b) dust mask, safety glasses waterproof boots, waterproof gloves
c) dus tmask, safety glasses flip flops, waterproof gloves
d) dust mask, sunglasses, water proof boots, waterproof gloves

How should concrete be maintained while curing?
a) semi-moist
b) dry
c) wet
d) semi-dry

What should the weather be like when you are going to pour concrete?
a) stormy and humid
b) rainy and hot
c) hot and dry
d) cool and overcast

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