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In which situation would an organism be classified as a secondary consumer in a food web?
a) It eats a producer.
b) It eats a primary consumer.
c) It produces its own food
d) It decomposes dead organisms

What term is given to the Sun as a plant bends towards it?
a) deterrent
b) stimulus
c) tropism
d) consumer

Which term describes the process in which a plant bends towards the Sun?
a) Gravitropism
b) Phototropism
c) Hydrotropism
d) Photoperiodism

What term describes the process in which a plant grows closer towards a stream?
a) Gravitropism
b) Phototropism
c) Hydroptropism
d) Photoperiodism

A plant growing inside a cave has branches that hang straight down from the ceiling of the cave. This is an example of:
a) Hydrotropism
b) Phototropism
c) Photoperiodism
d) Gravitropism

What is the relationship between food chains and food webs?
a) Food webs are made of multiple food chains that are interconnected
b) Food chains are made of multiple food webs that are interconnected.
c) Food chains only include producers, while food webs include consumers.
d) Food webs only include producers, while food chains include consumers.

How do decomposers contribute to the cycling of matter?
a) They produce the energy from the Sun to start the cycle.
b) They destroy matter so that we it does not become more abundant.
c) They consume energy-rich organisms that are full of life.
d) They break down dead organisms to return matter to the soil.

Where would you find plants with stems that can store large amounts of water?
a) desert
b) grassland
c) taiga
d) tundra

Which biomes have rich, fertile soil?
a) Grassland and taiga
b) Grassland and tundra
c) Grassland and tropical rain forest
d) Grassland and Deciduous rain forest

After planting a seed, Jake observed that a plant had grown from the seed and took note of the small roots in the ground. As he watered the plant the next several days, he noticed the roots were longer and deeper in the ground. Why is this?
a) Plant Roots tend to experience a positive tropism towards sunlight, especially in spots where the sun shines underground.
b) Plant Roots tend to experience a negative tropism away from the source of light.
c) The plant was actually a man-eating swamp monster and was growing legs so that it could move around and devour its prey.
d) The roots were trying to pull the plant underground to hide it from insects and bees.

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