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A plant begins to bend when a tall building is built near it. Why does this occur?
a) It is adjusting to changes in temperature.
b) It is growing away from the light source.
c) It is adjusting to changes in the soil.
d) It is growing toward the light source.

What happens as a plant is turned away from its light source?
a) The plant stops growing because it has no way to access light.
b) The plant is not affected because the light bends towards the plant.
c) The plant grows away from the light source.
d) The plant bends towards the light source.

Why do seeds go through a period of dormancy?
a) It allows time for the right conditions to occur before the seed germinates.
b) It allows time for dry soil to accumulate before the seed germinates.
c) It allows time for sunlight to appear before the seed germinates.
d) It allows time for pollination to occur before the seed germinates.

Which is true of energy in ecosystems?
a) It never changes form
b) It is both created and destroyed.
c) It flows in one direction.
d) It follows a cycle pattern.

Which organism would most likely appear at the top of an energy pyramid?
a) grass
b) hawk
c) mouse
d) snake

Which best represents what happens in a food chain?
a) Energy from the Sun is absorbed by a rabbit which is then eaten by a fox before it dies and is decomposed by grass
b) Energy from the Sun is taken in by grass to make food, the grass is then eaten by a rabbit, which later gets ate by a fox
c) A fox eats grass which has gathered energy by decomposing a rabbit which got its energy from the Sun to make food
d) Grass is eaten by a rabbit which is then eaten by a fox which is the Sun then consumes to ensure its survival

Which is true of the amount of matter in ecosystems
a) It decreases over time
b) It increases over time
c) It remains constant
d) Scientists can not determine how it changes

Which is a biotic factor in an ecosystem?
a) A plant living near a stream
b) The amount of rainfall
c) The angle of the Sun
d) The type of minerals present in soil

What is the source of most energy on Earth?
a) air
b) soil
c) The Sun
d) water

Which includes both an abiotic and a biotic factor?
a) A chicken laying an egg
b) A deer drinking from a stream
c) A rock rolling down a hill
d) A squirrel eating an acorn

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