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How does the anther help with reproduction of a flowering plant
a) It develops into a fruit after fertilization occurs.
b) It moves pollens to the roots of the plant.
c) It grows the seeds for the plant.
d) It produces and stores pollen.

Which process of reproduction takes place in flowering plants?
a) Only asexual reproduction
b) Only sexual reproduction
c) Both asexual and sexual reproduction
d) Neither asexual or sexual reproduction

What role does the sepal play in the reproduction of a flowering plant?
a) The sepal enlarges to form the ovary after fertilization has occurred.
b) The sepal encases the developing flower after fertilization has occurred.
c) The sepal produces and store pollen to help fertilize the flower.
d) The sepal regulates the temperature to ensure the survival of the seed.

What is the benefit of flowers on some plants
a) They make food
b) They provide heat
c) They absorb water from the air
d) They attract birds and insects that spread pollen.

What is the purpose of photosynthesis occurring in green plants?
a) It provides protection
b) It provides food and energy
c) It provides water for the cells
d) It provides carbon dioxide and water

What happens in the ovary of flowering plants when fertilization occurs?
a) When fertilization occurs, new petals form on the flower.
b) When fertilization occurs, the stamen sends pollen to the anther.
c) When fertilization occurs, the ovary grows into a fruit or vegetable.
d) When fertilization occurs, the new flower begins to grow towards the sun.

Which describes the role of the pistil in the reproduction of flowering plants?
a) The pistil is the female structure of the flower.
b) The pistil is the male structure of the flower.
c) The pistil fertilizes the stamen by storing and transporting pollen.
d) The pistil is sterile, and therefore has no role in reproduction.

What process allows a plant to control the amount of water stored in its leaves?
a) photosynthesis
b) condensation
c) respiration
d) transpiration

Why do flowers have such colorful petals?
a) To scare away predators
b) To attract animals for pollination
c) To trap insects
d) To hide pollen

Which two products are produced during photosynthesis?
a) Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
b) Glucose and Water
c) Glucose and Carbon Dioxide
d) Glucose and Oxygen

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