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from Resistance to Civil Govt. - Thoreau's primary purpose is to persuade people to
a) rebel against unjust war
b) follow their individual conscience
c) call for an immediate end to the government

What does Thoreau mean by
a) all government should be immediately abolished
b) effective governments allow people to rule themselves
c) all government is inherently bad for the people being governed

Emerson states the most sacred part of a person is
a) the integrity of their individual minds
b) the goals they reach and the work accomplished
c) the shadow that they cast on the world

Emerson's philosophy is
a) keep your head in the clouds
b) be true to yourself
c) do anything to get ahead

Figures of Speech are
a) a pattern of internal rhyme
b) not intended to be taken literally
c) different ways people speak to each other

Why does Mr. Hooper's congregation become uneasy when he suddenly adopts the black veil
a) they think the veil remnds them of his sinfulness
b) they think he has gone mad
c) they can't decide what would explain his action

No one will ask Mr. Hooper why he is wearing the veil because
a) they are afraid he might kill him
b) they are afraid of what the answer might be
c) no one cares why he is wearing the veil

The veil changes Mr. Hooper's personality in that it makes him
a) cruel and heartless
b) kinder and more gentle
c) seem ghostlike from head to foot

When Mr. Hooper refuses to remove the veil, Elizabeth-
a) runs away
b) breaks down crying and hugs him
c) breaks the engagement

The black veil symbolizes-
a) sin and guilt
b) death and destruction
c) a facial deformity

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