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Which do nimbostratus clouds most often produce?
a) fog
b) hail
c) rain
d) wind

Which type of change is most likely to happen if the air pressure is falling?
a) The weather will become warmer
b) The weather will become stormy
c) The weather will become cooler
d) The weather will become fair

From which cloud would snow most likely fall?
a) cirrus
b) cumulus
c) cumulonimbus

Which most affects the temperature of an area?
a) latitude
b) humidity
c) vegetation
d) precipitation

If the climate of an area is known, which can most accurately be predicted?
a) the weather forecast for the area next week
b) the average humidity in the area during the day
c) The average temperature in the area for any month
d) the total number of storms that will occur in the area during the year

Which describes how wind speed is affected by weather?
a) rainy weather causes greater wind speeds
b) warmer weather causes greater wind speeds
c) differences in air pressure cause greater wind speeds
d) small temp changes cause greater wind speeds

When a low pressure system moves into NC, which kind of weather will most likely occur?
a) cold and dry
b) fair and sunny
c) clear and humid
d) rainy and windy

Which type of air pressure do clear skies indicate?
a) high pressure
b) low pressure
c) zero pressure
d) medium pressure

Which best describes the effect of heavy cloud cover on temperature at night?
a) Temp will be cooler than expected
b) Temp will be warmer than expected
c) Temp will change frequently throughout the night
d) There will be little to no change in temp

Which tool is used to measure air pressure?
a) anemometer
b) barometer
c) psychromoter
d) thermometer

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