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Name the three Georgia cities that developed along the Fall Line.
a) columbus, macon, augusta
b) jesup, screven, gardi
c) hortense, screven, atlanta
d) hinesville, savannah, brunswick

They protect the mainland from tropical storms and erosion.
a) barrier islands
b) the fall line
c) the fall islands
d) the barrier line

Which is not a Ga region?
a) coastal barrier
b) valley and ridge
c) blue ridge
d) appalachian plateau

This river allows cargo ships to transport goods to and from the Atlantic Ocean and also separates Georgia and South Carolina.
a) savannah river
b) brunswick river
c) hinesville river
d) chatahoochee river

What river is the primary source of water for the city of Atlanta and forms a border between Georgia and Alabama?
a) the chatahoochee
b) the ludowici
c) the gardi
d) the screven

What is the largest freshwater wetland in Georgia which lies within the Coastal Plain?
a) okefenokee swamp
b) barrier islands
c) Chattahoochee river
d) Savannah river

Bordered by the Fall Line to the north, this region makes of 3/5th of the state. It is a major agricultural region and produces crops such as onions, tobacco, peanuts, pecans and sweet potatoes.
a) coastal plain
b) piedmont
c) blue ridge
d) farmland

What is the border between the Piedmont and Coastal Plain which marks the point at which rivers drop in elevation, creating waterfalls.
a) the fall line
b) the barrier islands
c) the great waterfall
d) atlanta region

his is the smallest region in the state. Borders Tennessee and Alabama and is home to Lookout Mountain, Cloudland Canyon, and Chickamauga Battlefield.
a) appalachian mountains
b) blue ridge
c) valley and ridge
d) coastal plains

This region is located between the Appalachian Plateau and the Blue Ridge Mountain regions; has forests and fertile valleys that provide land for cattle and crops; is also known for textile production.
a) valley and ridge
b) pedmont
c) coastal plains
d) fall line

Which region is referred to as foot of the mountain, and is home to over 1/2 of the Georgia's population?
a) piedmont
b) appalachian mountains
c) valley and ridge
d) coastal plains

Northeast corner of the state, Origin of many of Georgia's rivers, home to Brasstown Bald, known for marble production, recreational tourism, hardwood forests, and farming of vegetables and apples.
a) blue ridge
b) valley and ridge
c) appalachian plateau
d) coastal plain

Which state does not border Georgia?
a) Mississippi
b) Alabama
c) Florida
d) North Carolina

On which continent is Georgia located?
a) north america
b) south america
c) southwest asia
d) europe

Which of the following is true?
a) Ga is east of Alabama
b) Ga is west of Alabama
c) Ga is south of Florida
d) Ga is north of South Carolina

In which region of the United States is Georgia located?
a) southeastern
b) northern
c) northwestern
d) red and black

In which Hemisphere(s) would you find Georgia on a globe?
a) northern and western
b) eastern
c) southern
d) southeastern

Where is the Okefenokee swamp located?
a) southeast in coastal plains
b) northeast in blue ridge
c) middle of piedmont
d) southwest in coastal plains

Oldest mountains in North America and once the home of the Cherokee Indians. Also site of the 1st gold rush in Dahlonega.
a) appalichian mountains
b) himalyas mountains
c) atlas mountains
d) mount everest

a) the apple
b) the santa
c) the lipstick
d) the blood

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