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What HTML5 feature allows developers to retrieve the geographical location information for a client side device?
a) GPS
b) Offline Storage
c) Geolocation
d) Canvas

what attributes are required with the img tag?
a) image and description
b) src and alt
c) href and img
d) href and alt

Which attribute turns on and off the controls for both the 'video' and 'audio' tags?
a) controls=ccontrols
b) controls=yes
c) controls=play
d) video/audio=controls

What audio file format is not suppored in HTML5 with the 'audio' tag?
a) MP3
b) Ogg
c) AUP
d) WAV

What video file format is not supported in HTML5 with the 'video' tag?
a) MP4
b) MOV
c) WebM
d) OGG

This section contains would most likely hold the site's logo?
a) nav
b) article
c) header
d) footer

This section contains information that is the focus of a web page.
a) article
b) aside
c) main
d) nav

This section contains information related to the 'main' content but is not the main focus of a web page.
a) article
b) nav
c) aside
d) header

Which of the following does not describe a link that contains the complete URL to a resource including the protocol indicator?
a) Absoulute
b) Hard
c) Full
d) Partial

Which of the following is correct?
a) CSS is for formatting
b) CSS is for interactivity
c) CSS is for structure
d) CSS is games

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