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What are two big product costs?
a) labor and materials
b) advertising and electricity
c) distributing and water
d) labor and office supplies

Concrete is best if there is:
a) low compression
b) high compression
c) low tension
d) high tension

What are some ways to conduct market research (or check for demand)?
a) ask a group of friends if they like your product
b) call people you don't know on the telephone to see if they would like your product
c) survey people, distribute free sample, sell samples at a home show for instance
d) send surveys to family members

What is the ideal temperature for pouring concrete?
a) 60-to 80 degrees F
b) 70 to 80 degrees F
c) 50 to 70 degrees F
d) 40 to 60 degrees F

How long do you have to wait to test concrete?
a) 28 days
b) 21 days
c) 27 days
d) 30 days

An example of coarse aggregate is:
a) granular sand
b) fine sand
c) pea stone up to 38 mm stone
d) beach sand

An example of fine aggregate is:
a) crusher run
b) pea stone
c) granular sand
d) 38 mm stone

The four main ingredients in concrete are:
a) sand, fine aggregate, pea stone, and water
b) cement, coarse aggregate, crusher run, and water
c) Portland cement, fine aggregate, sand, and water
d) cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, and water

How long before you can work on concrete?
a) 3 days
b) 24 hours
c) 6 days
d) 7 days

What is the name of the chemical reaction that takes place in concrete?
a) evaporation
b) saturation
c) hydration
d) condensation

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