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an amount of electrical energy equal to using 1 kW of power continuously for 1 h
a) Ohms
b) (kWh)
c) volts
d) amperes

Which is an example of electric discharge?
a) hail
b) thunder
c) lightning
d) sleet

the rate at which electrical energy is converted into other forms of energy
a) electric discharge
b) electric power
c) electric force
d) voltage

If one path is broken, electrons _______________ (to) flow through the other paths.
a) continue
b) stop
c) decrease
d) start and stop

a circuit that has more than one path for the electric current to follow
a) electric circuit
b) parallel circuit
c) ion circuit
d) series circuit

a circuit that has only one path for the electric current to follow or in which all included devices receive the same current
a) electric circuit
b) series circuit
c) ion circuit
d) parallel circuit

According to Ohms Law , when the voltage in a circuit increases, the current ___________________.
a) increases
b) decreases
c) stays the same
d) decreases, increases, then decreases

The amount of electrical energy converted to thermal energy in a wire increases as the ______________ of the wire increases.
a) thickness
b) static charge
c) resistance
d) force

In a circuit, the amount of voltage is determined by ___________________ supplied to the power source and the __________________ of the conductor.
a) resistance, amps
b) voltage, resistance
c) ohms, resistance
d) ions, resistance

causes charged particles to attract or repel each other
a) electric current
b) electric discharge
c) electrical power
d) electric force

an area around an electric charge which is strongest closet to the charged particle
a) electric force
b) electric current
c) electric field
d) electrical power

a positively or negatively charged atom
a) ion
b) volt
c) amps
d) Ohms

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