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Temperature and pressure decrease with depth beneath Earth’s surface.
a) True
b) False
c) .
d) .

All of the following affect the temperature at which magma forms EXCEPT ____.
a) Pressure
b) Water
c) Viscosity
d) Composition of the material

The formation of the Hawaiian Islands is one example of
a) volcanoes forming along plate boundaries.
b) volcanoes forming over a hot spot.
c) the Ring of Fire.
d) continental drift

The long tube in the ground that connects the magma chamber to Earth's surface is called the
a) vent
b) crater
c) caldera
d) pipe

The huge hole left by the collapse of a volcanic mountain is called a
a) lava plateau
b) cinder cone
c) caldera
d) shield volcano

Pahoehoe is
a) fast-moving, hot lava, that cools in a generally smooth pattern
b) volcanic ash.
c) a type of gas that forms in the volcano
d) lava with a rough, chunky surface.

Which magma type has 60% silica?
a) Rhyolitic
b) Andesitic
c) Basaltic
d) .

Rapidly moving volcanic material hot ash and debris. Up to 1600 F and 700 mph
a) lahar
b) volcanic bomb
c) pyroclastic flow
d) sill

Volcanic fragments thrown into air during a volcanic eruption
a) lahar
b) tephra
c) sulfur dioxide
d) acetometaphine

What type of magma is usually found at continental margins associated with subduction zones
a) Basaltic
b) Andesitic
c) Rhyolitic
d) .

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