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Electric charges will flow continuously only through a closed conducting loop called a __________________.
a) insulator
b) battery
c) conductor
d) circuit

What is the unit for resistance?
a) ions
b) volts
c) Ohms
d) amperes

_______________________ is one of the best electric conductors and creates least resistance to electron flow.
a) copper
b) wood
c) glass
d) aluminum

the measure of how difficult it is for electrons to flow through a material
a) voltage
b) resistance
c) electric force
d) electric discharge

'What are the units of current?
a) ohms
b) amps
c) volts
d) ions

The amount of electrical energy converted to thermal energy in a wire increases as the _______________ of the wire increases.
a) thickness
b) static charge
c) resistance
d) force

Once _______________ are used up such as in a battery, electrons can no longer move through the circuits.
a) conductors
b) insulators
c) circuits
d) chemicals

Batteries supply energy to an electric current by converting ______________energy to electric potential energy.
a) electrical
b) kinetic
c) chemical
d) thermal

individual electrons move ___________ in an electric circuit constantly colliding moving electric charge from negative to positive terminals
a) slowly than quickly than back to slowly
b) quickly
c) slowly
d) no where

As voltage _______________, more electrical potential energy is available to be transformed into other forms of energy.
a) increases and decreases
b) stays the same
c) decreases
d) increases

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