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In solids, ____________________ is due to the transfer of electrons between objects.
a) electric field
b) static charge
c) electric discharge
d) electric force

a material in which electrons cannot move easily from place to place
a) insulators
b) circuits
c) ions
d) conductors

electrons that can move easily in the material
a) insulators
b) ions
c) conductors
d) circuits

lightning is an example of an ________________________
a) electric current
b) electric force
c) electric field
d) electric discharge

the rapid movement of excess charge from one place to another
a) electric current
b) electric discharge
c) electric force
d) electric field

the process of providing a pathway to drain excess charge into the Earth
a) resisting
b) charging
c) grounding
d) insulating

An imbalance of electric charge on an object is called a(n) ________________.
a) electric discharge
b) electric current
c) insulator
d) static charge

the flow of electric charge
a) electric force
b) electric current
c) electric field
d) electric discharge

Electric charges will flow continuously only through a closed conducting loop called a _________________.
a) circuit
b) ion
c) insulator
d) conductor

__________________ of a battery is a measure of how much electrical potential energy each electron can gain
a) voltage
b) current
c) static charge
d) electric discharge

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