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Which best describes introspective educators of English language learners?
a) Using idiomatic speech and humor
b) Maintaining a journal
c) Constantly evaluating what they do
d) None of the above

According to Gaines (2012), what should implemented to address some of the barriers ELLS face to academic excellence?
a) The allowance of a variety of student works as measures of student achievement.
b) The development of assessments for English language learners only.
c) Ensuring that only deserving schools have pick of the top resources.
d) None of the above

What are some factors to consider about heritage language and culture?
a) social distance
b) socio-political factors
c) stereotypes
d) All of the above

What are the diversity of learning styles represented by English Language Learners?
a) Auditory, Visual, Tactile, Kinesthetic, Analytic, and Global
b) Global, Visual, Cultural, and Linguistic
c) Auditory, Global, Cultural, and Linguistic
d) None of the above

What does the development of thematic units enable teachers to do?
a) encourage critical thinking
b) present material in a meaningful context
c) help students anchor information by connecting it
d) All of the above

What objectives should teachers of English language learners incorporate into their lesson plans?
a) Content objectives only
b) Language objectives only
c) Both content and language objectives
d) None of the above

What are some factors that can impact heritage languages and cultural status?
a) Only Americans hold attitudes and stereotypes toward foreign languages and cultures
b) Newcomers do not bring their own cultural perceptions of American and other world cultures
c) Stereotypes about heritage languages and cultural status do not affect learning
d) None of the above

What do diverse learning styles and preferences consider?
a) personality
b) culture
c) every individual has a different combination
d) All of the above

What is a negative perception of heritage language and culture that can affect the learning of students for whom English is a new language?
a) stereotyping
b) ethnocentrism
c) acculturation
d) tolerance of ambiquity

What do innovative educators provide to relevant instruction?
a) evaluation of lesson plans, materials, and instructional style
b) classroom management
c) interaction with parents
d) All of the above

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