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Chapter Test On DNA.[print questions]

The process by which the genetic code of DNA is copies into complementary sequence of RNA is called
a) translation
b) replication
c) transcription
d) transformation

In which way does RNA differ from DNA?
a) RNA contains uracil and deoxyribose
b) RNA contains ribose and thymine
c) RNA contains uracil and ribose
d) RNA contains adenine and ribose

A nucleotide does not contain
a) a sugar
b) polymerase
c) a nitrogen base
d) a phosphate

A section of DNA with bases ATTCGC will line up with bases

DNA forms the code for the making of
a) proteins
b) genes
c) fats
d) chromosomes

If a change is made when DNA copies itself, a ______________ results.
a) clone
b) death
c) mutation
d) base

Besides the nitrogen bases, DNA contains sugar and
a) acid
b) protein
c) RNA
d) fat

The DNA message depends on the order of the
a) nitrogen bases
b) acids
c) sugars
d) genes

The shape of a DNA Molecule is
a) straight
b) circular
c) flat
d) spiral

DNA makes up parts of
a) proteins
b) chromosomes
c) sugars

In messenger RNA, each codon specifies a particular
a) nucleotide
b) amino acid
c) replication
d) phosphate

Changes in the DNA sequence that affect genetic information are known as
a) replications
b) transformations
c) mutations
d) translations

In humans, DNA molecules are located in the
a) nucleus
b) cytoplasm
c) ribosome
d) cell wall

The process of decoding mRNA into a polypeptide chain is known as
a) translation
b) replication
c) tranformation
d) transcription

Which of the following does not describe the structure of DNA?
a) double helix
b) nucleotide
c) sugar-phosphate backbone
d) adenine-uracil pairs

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