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Which is an example of a company establishing supply?
a) Ann Jones Clothing Store upgrades its equipment regularly.
b) Reebok footwear company is trying to attract more middle-aged customers.
c) Sears Department Store displays fewer lawn mowers.
d) Walmart sends only five touch screen computers to each store.

Employment Forecasters predict greater than average job growth in:
a) Agriculture.
b) Sewing.
c) Retail.
d) Textile occupations.

The latest trends in a trade or profession can be found in:
a) Daily newspapers.
b) Trade and professional journals.
c) Reports to stockholders.
d) Newspaper classifieds.

Relocating for a new job requires:
a) Loss of benefits.
b) Flexibility and compromise.
c) Additional college work.
d) New licensure requirements.

Private ownership, profit motive, competition, and freedom of choice are characteristics of a:
a) Socialistic.
b) Free enterprise system.
c) Mixed economy.
d) Central economy.

Which is a declining occupation?
a) Child care workers
b) Truck drivers
c) Retail sales people
d) Farmers

Government resources are used to develop statistics reflecting state and regional occupational data also known as:
a) Internet job services.
b) Labor market information.
c) Job tasks and standards.
d) Workers compensation.

The supply and demand factor in the free enterprise system is based on the demands o
a) Government
b) Consumers
c) Inflation
d) Stocks

Women make up more than half of the workforce in which industry?
a) Computer repair
b) Construction technology
c) Retail sales.
d) Civil engineering

A factor that workers should consider as they make geographic moves is:
a) Federal income taxes.
b) The number of employees.
c) The kind of industry.
d) The cost of living.

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