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This is the form of government in the United States:
a) Dictatorship
b) Monarchy
c) Parliamentary democracy
d) Constitutional republic

These are considered the key power centers in Congress:
a) Committees
b) The House of Representatives
c) The Senate
d) The President's chambers

Lobbyists and these special interest groups try to influence lawmakers' votes:
a) Politicians
b) Political Action Committees (PACs)
c) Supreme Court justices
d) The Cabinet

A Supreme Court decision sets a(n):
a) Opinion that should not be followed
b) Precedent
c) Law, which can be overturned by state courts
d) Law, which only applies if you are a citizen living in the United States

The Constitution grants these powers to the national government:
a) Delegated Powers
b) Express Powers
c) Concurrent Powers
d) Austin Powers

A criticism of the system of checks and balances system is that it can cause:
a) Disagreements
b) Gridlock
c) One branch of government gaining too much power
d) Presidents having not enough power

What implies that Congress has powers beyond those expressed in Article I, Section 8?
a) Concurrent Powers
b) Federalism
c) Judicial Activism
d) Necessary and Proper Clause

These courts derive (get) power from the Constitution and federal laws:
a) State Courts
b) Civil Courts
c) Appellate Courts
d) Federal Courts

One of these appellate courts is in each of the 12 regions across the U.S.:
a) U.S. Court of Appeals
b) Supreme Court
c) State Court
d) Local Court

If you want to get a federal job, where should you look?
a) Classified ads of newspapers
b) Phone book
c) Google Earth
d) Federal Job Information Centers

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