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If an object sinks in water, its density is ___________
a) equal to the density of water
b) greater than the density of water
c) less than the density of water
d) the same as the density of water

Solubility is the ability of a substance to __________
a) dissolve into another substance
b) be less dense than another substance
c) conduct electrical energy
d) refract light energy

Why do people layer their clothes when it is cold?
a) clothes can conduct extra heat
b) wearing layered clothes is fashionable
c) layered clothes act as added insulation
d) more clothes make it easier to stay cool

Which is the best example of mechanical energy?
a) boat sailing in the water
b) sitting on a couch
c) a candle burning
d) sun heating the earth

A flashlight has ___________
a) sound and light energy
b) thermal and sound energy
c) light and electrical energy
d) mechanical and electrical energy

Which of the following is NOT an alternative energy resource?
a) wind
b) biofuel
c) geothermal
d) natural gas

Which physical property of water remains the same after a powdered drink mix is added to it?
a) color and taste
b) state of matter
c) mass
d) density

A student is conducting an experiment to see if 100 ml of water begins to freeze faster than 50 ml of water. What do you predict will happen?
a) 100 ml of water will freeze before 50 ml of water
b) both samples will freeze at 0 degrees celsius
c) 50 ml of water will freeze after 100 ml of water
d) both water samples will freeze at 100 degrees celsius

Biofuels are made from ___________
a) plants
b) fossils
c) water
d) oil

Why does the sun appear to move across the sky?
a) earth revolves around the sun
b) the sun revolves around earth
c) the sun rotates on its axis
d) Earth rotates on its axis

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