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Which of the following was NOT an issue faced by the Adams administration?
a) the XYZ affair
b) the War of 1812
c) controversy over the Alien and Sedition Acts
d) French seizure of U.S. ships

Which early American political party favored a strong national government?
a) democratic republicans
b) federalists
c) strict contrsuctionists
d) whigs

What is the name of our national anthem?
a) My Country tis' of Thee
b) Grand Old Flag
c) The Star Spangled Banner
d) Yankee Doodle

What is a tariff?
a) a tax on exported goods
b) a tax on whiskey
c) an income tax
d) a tax on imported goods

Who won the battle over a national bank?
a) Hamilton
b) Jefferson
c) Washington
d) Jackson

Which U.S. President is thought to have broken Tecumseh's curse?
a) JFK
b) Warren G. Harding
c) Ronald Reagan
d) Abe Lincoln

Thomas Jefferson
a) had many talents
b) did not like farmers
c) was not very smart
d) thought the national government should be very powerful

Who led the Lewis and Clark expedition?
a) William Clark
b) Meriwether Lewis
c) Andrew Jackson
d) Charles Zebulon

Which of the following was NOT a Native Merican group encountered by the Lewis and Clark expedition?
a) Mandan
b) Teton Sioux
c) Shoshone
d) Seminole

When did the War of 1812 end?
a) 1812
b) 1813
c) 1820
d) 1815

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